Printer - How to add an Image to Your Receipt Header

This feature will work only with your receipt printer, to see a list of supported receipt prints please check out our supported hardware list Supported Hardware.

Step 1 - Navigate to Setup:

Navigate to your setup section by clicking on the setup gear icon on the left hand toolbar: Please note you may be prompted to enter your PIN to gain access to this menu.

Step 2 - Open the Receipt Section:

Once you are in the setup section navigate to the Receipt Settings section by clicking on "Receipt" from the left hand tool bar. 

Step 3 - Upload Your Image:

At the top of the receipt settings page you will see a section at the top to upload a receipt image. To upload an image select "Replace Receipt Logo" and upload your image from you local machine. To remove a receipt image, click on the "Trash Can Logo". Please note the suggested image dimension for your receipt logo is 400x200 pixels.  There is no cap on size but this is the best size we have found to fit the header area. 

Step 4 - Save Your Image:

Once your upload has finished, navigate to the bottom of the receipt settings page and click "Save Receipt Setup".

Step 5 - Print your Receipt:

Congratulations! your receipt now has an image on the header, Please refer to our How to print a receipt guide to test print to see your image.