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The answers to all those pesky, common questions!

20 articles

Getting Started Towards Success

This is your holly grail, before you do anything on the POS you should read these!

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5 articles

Partner Training

1 article


If your hardware isn't working this is the place to go!

28 articles

Hardware Set Up Help

If you are setting up individual hardware pieces this category is for you.

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Gift Cards

Insight into how to get set up and use digital and physical gift cards

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How loyalty works, how can customers collect it, and all the basics!

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Mobile App

Everything you need to know about the mobile app, web ordering, and mobile ordering.

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Hardware Bundle Install Guide

These guides should be followed if you are setting up an station

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Power Through the Set Up Wizard!

Refers to the set up wizard that shows up when your account is first created

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Store Settings

Describes any settings related to your store (discounts, KDS, customer display etc).

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Menu and Products

Set up instructions for your menu or product list

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How to Video Tutorial

Video tutorials to help you succeed!

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Training Resources

Resources to empower you on how to become a Nōwn Superhero

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Doing Cashier...Things!

A list of articles explaining how to do each basic cashier task

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Reporting Insights

Overwhelmed by reports? This section briefly describes the purpose of each one

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