How to Set Up a Label Printer?

Printing labels are a necessary part of many businesses. The good news is that setting up a label printer is a fairly simple process. Please follow the steps below to set up your printer!

Step 1) 

Find what type of printer you have (bluetooth or ethernet) and follow the instructions here in order to set up and link your printer to Nōwn POS.

Step 2)

When linking the printer to a station, make sure that the box that says receipt is not checked off. Then make sure you check off the boxes for "Label" and "Secondary".

Step 3)

Once you check off "Secondary" the following window will pop up, make sure you select "Set default". This means that every item sold will have a label printed. You can always change this later. However, if you only want a few items to have labels the best practice would be to select "No" then manually add these items to the printer using the following instructions.

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