Printer - Kitchen tickets are not printing for an item!

This is a very common issue, especially when new menu items are created. When this issue is occurring for some menu items and not other, it is likely that is it not linked to a kitchen printer. 

How to see if your menu item is connected to the kitchen printer:

1. Click on the item in your menu that is not working and you will get to the Edit Item page:

2. From there, scroll down and click Advanced Settings:

3. Scroll down to the bottom and you should see the kitchen printer that is set to. If it does not say anything and says Set Printer, then it is not set to one. 

How it looks when no printer is configured for an item.

4. To set one, you can click Set Printer and select! 

5. If there is no printer showing there please make sure you set up the kitchen printer as per the instructions