Printer Set Up - Bluetooth (Star Micronics MPOP Only)

Step 1: Plug in and Set Up the Hardware

 Please follow the manufacturer’s setup instructions that come in the package. Once that is done make sure that the mPOP is plugged into the power outlet, it is switched on, and that there is paper in the device. The ON switch is found on the left hand side of the device. Follow the manufacturer’s guide to make sure the paper is inserted correctly. Lastly, ensure that the cash drawer cable is securely plugged into the printer. 

Step 2: Pair Printer and iPad

Make sure your printer is turned on, you’ll need to connect it to your iPad in Bluetooth settings (simply pair the devices like you would with headphones)

  • Open Settings on your iPad
  • Click on the Bluetooth option on the sidebar
  • Switch the Bluetooth to On (if not already on)
  • In the Bluetooth Devices section, find the printer device and select it (if not already selected)
  • When connection is completed, "Connected" will be displayed next to the device name. Repeat for each printer.

Step 3: Configure printer to station in Nōwn

1. Open the NōwnPOS app, log in with your credentials. Press skip tutorial and go to the Setup section.

Note: if you do not see the Set Up tab it means you are logged in as a Station user. Please ensure you are using the admin account, this is the one whose account details you received when you signed up for Nōwn

2. Open Station Setup.

3. Click on the pencil icon to edit POS stations or +Add Station to add a station if you haven’t created any yet. 

Which station you link it to is very important. If you link a printer to POS 1 then you must log in as POS 1 when you use Nōwn, otherwise doing a transaction will trigger the wrong hardware. 

4. Go to the  Bluetooth Printers section and click on Scan for Printers (unless the printer already appears there). 

Manufacturer: Star Micronics

Model: MPOP

Ensure that the Receipt box is checked off. If you are trying to add a kitchen printer please follow these instructions.

5. Don’t forget to save changes at the bottom of your page.


Click here for a diagram of your hardware setup.