Partner Training Program (Implementation and Support)

In order to become a Nōwn Implementation and/or Support partner we must go through three detailed phases of training, each equipping you to excel in a particular area. 

At any point, feel free to reference the ultimate Nōwn guide which goes over 90% of the content all from one link. 

How to Be Successful - The Nōwn Way

Before We Begin

Before we begin it's very important to understand at a fundamental level exactly how our POS hardware is connected and the way in which it works. In this stage we give you lists of the compatible pieces of hardware with our system and the way in which it is connected. Understanding how it's all connected will give us a good base to work with going forward.  

Implementation Training Session

In order to set up a client we need to teach you how to adequately go through the onboarding process. However, in addition to following the onboarding guide we need to have you up to speed on how to get the customer familiar with using our system. 

Support Training Session

In order to provide support to the Nōwn client base we must ensure that you have a strong understanding of where the issues come from, what is the nature of them, and how to deal with them. Below you will find some helpful links and resources outlining what to expect.