Account Set Up - Log ins


In Nōwn there a several different types of logins: kisok, ODS, manager, station and admin.

The kiosk, ODS, and station are non human log ins and they are used when using each of the features described by the name (eg: kiosk logins are used for kiosks). Station logins are particularly important as this is what you will use to log in on each physical station at your store to do transactions. 

Manager and admin login are used to view reports and make admin changes, we recommend you only use these in the back office or at home and do not share this log in with cashiers as they will be able to see sensitive information.  

In summary, the login username and password is to access the Nōwn POS appwhile PINs are what employees and managers will use inside of the app to track hours and their activity. 

Log Ins for Transactions

In terms of log ins for doing transactions at your store , the best way to go about this is to create a Station log in for each station at each store. This will be the account that you use to log into the Nōwn POS on each of your iPads at your store. You would set it up just like a regular employee and you would just always stay logged in on the store iPads at all times. The first and last name that you put can just be your store name, however, be conscious of what you put here because it will show up on your receipts.

Admin, owner, and Manager Accounts

Owner/admin and manager accounts should be used for business purposes in the back office or by the owner or operator of the establishment offsite, it is not recommended that you use this as the POS login that is used at your locations.

Cashier Accounts

The cashiers would be added and they will not be logging into the POS. They will just use their PINs to clock in and clock out on the app that is already logged into using the store log in. Managers will also use their PINs to navigate the POS while on shift.