Employees - Account Set Up and Adding Employees

The access tab will be where you set up all the access and permissions for your employee, add employees to the POS, and create log ins for the app. It is highly recommended to make sure everyone who will be using the POS system is documented here for the purposes of reports and security.

How it works?

Types of Accounts: there are three general types of accounts in Nōwn POS, all three are described, along with their functionality, below.

1. Admin, owner, and Manager Accounts

Owner/admin and manager accounts are your admin level accounts and they let you see reports, make changes to your menu, add staff and discount, etc. They should be used for business purposes in the back office or by the owner or operator of the establishment offsite, it is not recommended that you use this as the POS login in order to do day to day transactions.

2. Station Accounts

These are used for transactions, you would log into your POS with this account and use it to do transactions. It gives the cashiers limited access and protects sensitive tools such as: reports, menu altering abilities, and discount creation.

3. Cashier Accounts

The cashiers would be added but they will not have log in access, this is the only type of account with no log in access. They will just use their PINs to clock in and clock out on the app that is already logged into using the station log in. Managers will also use their PINs to navigate the POS while on shift. 


The login username and password is to access the Nōwn POS app, while PINs are what employees and managers will use inside of the app to track hours and their activity. Admin and Station accounts are used to log in while cashiers work within an account that is already logged in. 

Station Log in: Doing Transactions

Best practices are that you use a Station log in for the account that does transactions. This will be the account that you use to log into the Nōwn POS app itself on each of your tablets at your store. You would set it up just like a regular employee, with the only difference being that you select the role as Station, and you would just always stay logged in at all times. The first and last name that you put can just be your store name, however, be conscious of what you put here because it will show up on your receipts.

Adding Employees: Once in the Access Set Up tab, as shown above, click on the "Create New" button in the top right hand corner and then be sure to:

  • Set their role
  • Include first and last name
  • Set their hourly wage (this is for the labour report)
  • Generate a PIN

It is important that you set permissions because as a manager/owner you should have different permission from the cashiers such as allowing you to: see more extensive reports, see the activity on the ODS screen, adjust the menu, apply certain discounts, view customer profiles, and do account set up.

Make sure you generate a pin for each employee. If an employee forgets their PIN they won’t be able to log into the POS, clock into their shift, or use important functions. Remind them to keep this PIN safe and not to share. 

Note: if you get an error message during this step it means that you didn’t input one of the required fields.

More than one location?

If you have multiple locations the adding of new employees will all be done through the Root account. Once you add employees here you will have the capability to select their location so that their access is restricted to that specific store.