About - How does the loyalty program work?

Customer points are automatically redeemed, this occurs when they reach the required threshold. When the customer has reached this threshold a popup comes up for the cashier advising them that the customer has enough loyalty points for a redemption. All they do is switch on a toggle and the points are automatically redeemed. Further, you can specify in your POS settings specifically which items you want to be redeemable for points (turn on the Points Redeemable toggle in the Edit Item module, this can be found in the Products tab). 

The way that the loyalty program works described below, this is also found in the Nōwn Mobile App.

For more information please see the Nōwn Rewards Brochure and for cashier training on how to use points please read the Nōwn Cashier Training Playbook! 

Last but not least, it's critical to know exactly how customers can collect loyalty points, please see this helpful guide that describes the plethora of ways that customers are able to engage with the loyalty program.