Training - Cashier Crash Course

What is Nōwn? 

The ultimate point of sale system will make your business run better than ever before. Save your time and energy so that you can put your focus where it really belongs – your customers. The POS is cloud based and can be operated on numerous devices, it’s intuitive interface allows you to become familiar with the software in a matter of minutes! This document will help guide you through some essential functions. 

We recommend that you perform all of these steps on the POS while reading this guide. 

If you would like to watch the Full Cashier Training Guide Video, click here.

Starting a shift and clocking in 

Your employer will provide you with a pin, please do not forget it as it is very important and necessary to use the majority of the POS functions. 

How to Clock In (article)

How to Clock In (video)

Opening the store

Before you open your store for the day you will need to open your station first, if you don't open the station you won't be able to do transactions as a station is essentially a till. To open the station follow the quick steps below. 

Open a Station (article)

Open a Station (video)

Processing a transaction 

Processing a Guest Transaction (article)

Processing a Customer to a Transaction (article)

Processing a Transaction of a Customer Using the App (article)

How to Process a Transaction (video)

Applying a discount

You can choose to apply discounts to items or to the whole order.

Applying a Discount to an Item or a Whole Basket (article)

Applying Discounts (video)

Issuing a gift card 

Loading and using a physical gift card (article)

How Customers Sending and Receive a Digital Gift Card (article)

Printing receipts 

How to Print a Receipt (article)

How to Reprint Receipts (video)

Enrolling someone in the loyalty program

How to Enroll Someone in the Loyalty Program (article)

Issuing refunds 

Processing a Refund (article)

Voiding Transactions 

Voiding transactions is a cheaper, faster, and easier way to process refunds on same day transactions. 

Voiding a Transaction (article)

Accepting a mobile order

Mobile orders will come when cashiers are on the home screen, outside of a normal transaction. No action is required to “activate” mobile orders for a particular day. The orders will simply come in based on the operating hours set in the POS.

Accepting a mobile order (article)

Ending a cashier shift 

Ending a Shift (article)

Closing a station or store for the day

If you are the last person working or you close the tills for each shift, you need to close the station for the day.

Closing a Station or Store for the Day (article)

And you’re done! You’ve just completed a crash course in the NōwnPOS and you’re ready to begin work.