Kiosk Set Up

Step 1: Beautify the Kiosk Items

While item images are not mandatory for the kiosk, the screen becomes far more appealing and exciting to customers when you set images for all your menu items. This can be done in a couple of easy steps!

  • When in the Products tab, click on any item or create an item to get the Edit Item screen, the top right hand corner of the screen gives you an option to Choose An Image.
  • Upload the Item Images you wish here. This will make your kiosk storefront seem much more visually appealing as customers will be able to see the item image when they're looking through your menu.

Step 2: Give your Kiosk some Personality!

In order to set a background image for a kiosk, you would follow the same workflow as setting an image for a customer display screen. For full instructions on how to do that please click here.

Please note: If you are using a secondary display as well as a kiosk, setting your kiosk image on Sunday will ensure your kiosk image remains static. For your secondary display screen you can upload those images as desired and they will cycle through on a slideshow as per normal the normal secondary display workflow. 

Step 3: Get the software revving

In order to get the POS on the kiosk you will need to download it using a special link. Please contact for this link, once you receive it, simply type it into your browser and a file will download. Click on the file and follow the on screen instructions to get Nōwn POS on your kiosk.

Step 4: Create a Kiosk User 

Please follow the full instructions here in order to create and link a kiosk user.

Step 5: Link Your Hardware

Link your hardware to the kiosk station as you would with your regular POS station.

To link the USB printer please see the instructions here.

For help on how to connect printers with different connection interfaces as well as your credit card terminal please refer to the relevant document in this guide. 

Step 6: Log In and Get Started

Log in with the kiosk credentials that you created earlier, if prompted, click on the Open Station button to launch the kiosk. Otherwise, the kiosk will display your image and a Start Order image will appear on the screen. Tap anywhere to get started!

If the Open Station button is not showing you will need to connect an external keyboard to the kiosk, press  Crtl + C + S to open the station. You will need to press those same key combinations to close the station. 

Important: if you just see a black screen with "Powered by Nōwn" in the bottom right hand corner it means that you have not set a background image and that your station is closed. Open the station with the keyboard and you will exit the black screen.

FAQ: How do I log out of the kiosk?

In order to log out of the kiosk you need to be using you external keyboard. On that keyboard type in: crtl + C+X  to close the station, then Crtl + C + S to see the settings, then you can see the log out button

Note: it is very important to note that you must use a kiosk user's credentials to log in, any other credentials will not work.