Overview - The Low Down on How to Best Use your Reports!

Want to see how many hours your employees have worked during the month? Maybe you would like to see how many sales have been completed per hour at a specific location or a full transactional history? Have no fear the reporting feature is here! 

Reports are a fantastic way to keep up to date on all of the daily, weekly, monthly and annual data and statistics of your cashiers, products and customers within Nōwn! 

Please note that you must be a manager or admin in order to access and view the reports. To set up an admin or manager please use the following document which can be found here.

You can find the reports feature on left hand side of the Nōwn POS in the tab section.

Each report will have a "Filter by Date" option and if applicable can be downloaded via PDF or Excel. 

To filter simply select the dates simply select the "From" and "To" dates at the top of each report. 

If applicable you can download the documents via PDF or Excel which can be downloaded by clicking the boxes at the top of each report. 

There are a variety of reports that can be used for plethora of reasons! 

Overview Report

For a complete snapshot overview of variety of important and valuable metrics. 

At the top of the report we are able to filter by date and location which can give you valuable insights into a specific store or your entire organization. 

The overview report gives us insights a high level of how the business is doing. Specifically, it shows details such as: Transactions, Payment Types, Mobile Orders, Loyalty and several other important metrics.

End of Shift Report 

The end of shift report otherwise known as an X or Y report should be used for the end of each shift to provide you with a full set of data on the shifts metrics. This report will also be printed when closing down the station for the day. 

Employee Shift Report 

The employee shift report gives you full access to see when on which date and time an employee clocked in and out. It covers break times, shift lengths and both shift and break time consolidated into one figure. In order to adjust an employees shift hours please see the following guide here.

Location Revenue

A stores revenue is a vital tool to help understand the overall health of a store or how well a new marketing campaign is going to boost sales. Let's say you would like to review how well a marketing campaign is going. Simply navigate to the "Location Revenue" tab in the report section and filter by "Location" and "Date". 

From here we can download the PDF document and provide this to marketing for data insight and ROI or to be used in a presentation to the C-level suite. 

Summary Report

The summary report provides you with a snap shot of important data. We are able to see which day of the week has the most transactions and which day of the week patrons spent the most. At the bottom we are able to see the sales per labour hour and the total amount of labour hours.

Loss Prevention Report

The loss presentation is a great tool for ensuring there is no shrinkage in the store from employees. For every interaction around "Open Cash Drawer No Sale" "Void Transactions" " Refund Transactions" " Cancelled Items" you will be able to see the amount, timing, and reason behind the void, refund, cancelled or reason behind the cash register being opened. 

Sales Report

The sales report is a report that can be used not only for an understanding of your organizations sales but also for providing a sales breakdown for accounting and tax purposes.

This report can be exported via PDF of Excel for a simple and easy way to provide this information to colleagues or accounting.

Sales Per Hour Report 

The sales per hour report provides you with a snapshot overview of how many sales transactions took place per hour and on which day. This can be filtered down by hour and date and can show either the "Transaction Count" or "Sales Total" and can provide you with insights into traffic within your stores or restaurants.

Item Quantity Report

The item quantity report is a fantastic way to get up to date insight into the quantity of sold items. Within report we are able to see the quantity of items and a breakdown of modifiers. 

With this data you are able to understand inventory needs and make sure if you are seeing a increase or decrease in products used to adjust accordingly. 

You can also use this as insights into marketing! With this report you are able to see which items your customers are buying in large quantities and which could potentially need a push from marketing.

Labour Report

The labour report provides valuable insights into the total labour hours. 

Accounting can use this report to distinguish between OT hours and regular hours and to have quick access to the total amount of labour hours by Day, Month and Year! 

Perhaps you would like to know the total labour cost vs the total sales to understand the value you are currently receiving per labour hour.