Troubleshooting - Offline Mode

What Happens if NōwnPOS loses internet connection? 

NōwnPOS is a cloud based application and must have an active internet connection to full ensure use of the app
We know that internet outages and network issues are a reality and as so we have planned accordingly! 

the NōwnPOS application has a comprehensive offline mode that will ensure impact to your business operations is minimal in the event of network issue. 

How will i know 
NōwnPOS is Offline? 

When NōwnPOS detects lack of internet connectivity the application will enter offline mode. 
Offline mode will be indicated in 3 ways:

1) the nōwn logo in the top left corner of the application will turn into an orange box with a no-wifi symbol
2) A yellow alert message will pop up, this can be dismissed by clicking or tapping on the text box. 
3) Only the Home tab will be accessible on the left hand side menu bar, all other options will be greyed out. 

You will be able to dismiss this pop up by clicking on the text bubble. 
Please do not log out of or restart Nōwnpos while in offline mode.
We suggest troubleshooting the following if you run into a network issue in Nōwnposnetwork strength

  • ensure you're pos hardware is logged into the correct network (if you have more than 1)
  • Check to see if you local Internet Provider is having a local or regional outage
  • check to make sure you router is functioning
  • check the condition of your ethernet cables 

What can NōwnPOS do in Offline Mode?

Do not worry! in offline mode you will still be able to take orders, and these orders will be recorded
and will re-sync to your system when you come back online. You will still be able 
to pay with Cash, and you debit card and credit card terminal should still accept sale from the POS

How does NōwnPOS record orders in offline mode? 

Any order taken while NōwnPOS is in offline mode will be recorded and enter the offline order queue. Once internet connection is re-established these orders will sync back to you
active pos and will reflect appropriately in your reports. 

What can't NōwnPOS do in offline mode?

There are a few functions of NōwnPOS that will be unavailable with out an active internet connection. 
these include:

  • accessing reports
  • changing or updating products 
  • changing settings and accessing the settings menu
  • changing mobile app or ODS display images from within the application 
  • reprinting historical receipts 

You will see once NōwnPOS enters offline mode, the majority of these selections on the right hand tool bar will
be greyed out and unaccessible. Once back on line you will be able to access these tabs.