Sending and Receiving a Digital Giftcard!

Give the perfect gift to your friend or family member with Nōwn's Digital Gift Cards!


Here is the instructional video of how to send a digital gift card.

Once completed you will receive your order confirmation! The recipient will also receive an email alerting them to let them know they have received a digital gift card! To use the digital gift card, first open the app and select the account settings. 


Someone has purchased you a gift card:

When someone has purchased a gift card for you the next time you open your app you will see a full screen module alert you that you have received a digital gift card. In order to activate it simply follow the on screen instructions. Further, you will also receive and email that has a QR code in it, if you don't have the app simply show the QR code to the cashier the next time you wish to make a purchase and you will be able to redeem your gift card.

If you purchased the card for yourself:

1. Open the app that you received a gift card for and select Account, which is one of the menu options at the bottom of the page. 

2. Once on the account settings page select the Payment Cards. Here you can see the pending eGift card

3. Select "View 1 Pending eGift Card". Here you can see the amount, the sender and the note from the sender. 

4. Select "Open Your Gift". Accept the terms and conditions and congratulations! You have successfully purchased and redeemed your digital gift card.