FAQs - How does a customer check in with the mobile app?

Checking in with the mobile app is very easy for a customer! This allows them to collect loyalty during a transaction, however, it isn't the only way! For a full list of how to collect loyalty on the mobile app please see the following article.

There are two ways: bluetooth checkin or scanning their QR code. 

Option 1: Bluetooth Checkin

1) Have bluetooth turned on.

2) The app will be open

The customer's name and profile photo will show up on the app as seen below:

From there, you click on the photo and continue with the sale:

Option 2: Scanning QR code

1) Select the check-in at the top

2) Put QR code up to the scanner

From there, their name and profile photo will show up on the POS the exact same way it did for bluetooth checkin.