How To - Accepting a Mobile Order

  • Once mobile order is placed, a circle will pop on up the top right hand corner with a picture of the person placing the order. Click on their picture. 
  • Tap on Accept Order or Decline Order
  • The order will be listed in the "Preorder" tab until the order is complete or the preparation time has elapsed
  • Mobile orders will come when cashiers are on the home screen, outside of a normal transaction. No action is required to “activate” mobile orders for a particular day. The orders will simply come in based on the operating hours set in the POS.

  • All mobile orders will appear on a bar that goes along the bottom of the page on the POS. Orders that have already been accepted will have their images displayed while any new orders will be displayed on the button to the right of the images. 

  • When you tap the button a module will come up with the order due time and the specifics of the order, once you accept the order a ticket will be printed from the POS printer with the order details. The order will show up on every single POS but will only print from the station that accepts the order.

  • Once the preset “preparation time” elapses, the order will automatically be marked as complete. For example, if a Mango Diamond Slush is configured to take 4 minutes to complete, once you accept an order, it will be marked as complete after 4 minutes. However, you can also manually mark an item completed. If you tap on one of the orders that have already been accepted you have the option of mark it as complete ahead of schedule. The customer will then receive a notification and arrive at the store in order to pick up the order.