Set Up - Configuring Mobile/Web Ordering

In a world where mobile payments are more popular than ever, it is essential to be able to offer mobile ordering to your customers. To get it set up (mobile or web ordering), please follow the few simple steps below:

Don't have mobile order but want it enabled? Please speak to a representative about enabling it, in order to do this, you will need an e-commerce ID. Once you provide us with this ID, mobile ordering will be enabled and you can begin set up!  Please note that you can still use the mobile app if you don't have a payment process, you just won't be able to have customers place orders but you can still use it as part of your loyalty program.

It is also important to note that when you get mobile ordering, you also get web ordering! The even better news is that you don't need to set up two menus, your POS menu is also your mobile and web ordering menu. Everything you do to get set up below applies to both mobile and web orders. There are no differences between the two.

If you are on the Nōwn app the URL that you can use to access web ordering is

If you have a white labelled app you will have a custom URL. 

1. Showing up on the app/web: Set your app images

If you are using the Nōwn app/web you will not show up on the app until you upload images, thus it's very important to do this first!

To upload a images that will appear on your mobile profile when customers view it through the app, follow these steps

  • Select the Set Up tab found on the menu bar on the left hand side. Select Mobile Set Up
  • Choose image for location logo and tap on Upload Logo (JPEG or PNG file)
  • Choose image for location banner and tap on Upload Banner (JPEG or PNG file)
  • Tap on Next step

2. Set your store hours

Operating hours are important to add because they change the availability of your menu. If your store is closed, it won’t show allow customer to put in Mobile or Web Orders.   

To edit the store hours:

  • Select the Set Up icon on the left hand side menu bar
  • Select General Info
  • Move the slider to set your hours for each day.

3. Configure your menu

There is no separate mobile/web order menu, in order to set menu items for mobile ordering all you have to do is turn on a toggle!

  • Select the Set Up icon on the left hand side menu bar. Then select Products.
  • Click on any item to edit it, when the new module comes up, turn on the toggle that says "Mobile Order" in order for the item to show up in the app. 
  • Once you turn this toggle on you will be asked to input your preparation and total time. The preparation time tells you how long the item is prepped for while the total time is the total actual time it will take you for to complete the order from the moment it is accepted. This setting is important because this will be communicated to the customer when they place an order. For example: if your total time is set to 8 minutes the customer will be told their order will be ready 8 minutes after it is accepted.

Bonus: if you have certain items that you only want to appear for mobile ordering but not in store, then while you are on the edit item screen, click on Advanced Options and turn on the toggle for Mobile User Only toggle. This is called a secret menu and more details can be found here.

4. Beautify your Menu

  • When in the Edit Item screen, which can be accessed as described above, the top right hand corner of the screen gives you an option to Choose An Image.
  • Upload the Item Images you wish here. This will make your mobile app storefront seem much more visually appealing as customers will be able to see the item image when they're looking through your menu.

5. Make the most of the mobile and web ordering tools

If you are using mobile and web ordering make sure to take full advantage of three added features that will really help your business be more efficient operationally and better manage your order flow. They are the: mobile order dashboard, item availability, and worker capacity modules.