Payment Processors - You Need One!

For your customers to be able to pay via credit or debit, you will need a payment processor. We currently integrate with four payment processors and you will be able to find them listed below. To find out more about each one please click on the links for more information!

Don’t have one of these payment processors? You can still use Nōwn. You will need to perform a double-entry for each transaction, which means manually inputing the transaction on the terminal after taking the payment.

E-commerce ID

If you are enabling mobile payments, you will require an e-commerce ID. An e-commerce ID is different from your regular payment processing account because that account is for accepting payments through card present transactions at the terminal only. An e-commerce ID allows you to accept mobile payments, which is mandatory if customers are ordering from you via the Nōwn app or your personalized white-label app. You are not restricted to getting an e-commerce ID from your current payment processor. You can choose from any of our four integrated processors. 

Mobile Ordering

Please note this is an added module.

For mobile ordering, please reach out to our support team to get set up!

Getting an E-commerce ID

Each payment processor refers to this ID with different jargon. Below you will be able to find clarification on how to properly inquire about this account.

Stripe: If you choose to go with Stripe, you can contact us first at

Global Payments: GP refers to this as a Realex account, in which case you would send us your Realex ID. 

Moneris: Moneris refers to this as a Moneris Gateway. Call their sales department, ask for ask for a Moneris Gateway, and give the following configuration code: ecnp-00332, they will know exactly what you need.

Merrco: refers to this as an e-commerce gateway, more information can be found here.

Recommended Timeline

We highly recommend that you start the process for setting up your payment processor and e-commerce account (if applicable) no less than three weeks prior to the date you are going live with Nōwn. This timeline remains the same whether you: are switching payment processors, setting up a payment processing account from scratch, or adding an e-commerce account.