Set Up - Getting Set Up with Web Ordering

Getting set up with web ordering is quite simple as it mirrors a lot of the functionality of mobile ordering.

In fact, if you already have mobile ordering set up, no action is required! Every menu item that is mobile order enabled is also enabled for web ordering. 

If you have not yet gotten started with mobile ordering please refer to the following document

How it works?

Customers can find your location by accessing and looking up your brand. Orders are placed via the website and they show up on your POS the same as mobile orders. The staff can accept or reject the order and our algorithm queues them in a way that is manageable based on your available resources. If the customers already have their phone number registered with a loyalty account, every purchase they make will allow them to collect points. 

Linking it to your website

It is recommended that you have the Web Ordering functionality on your website so that customers can order directly from there. This allows you to access your existing customer base in an efficient manner. In order to do this, simply make a button on your website that links to the web order URL from To find this URL go to the aforementioned site and select your store, this is the URL that you will need to paste onto your site. In regards to creating a  button on your website, this is a simple step that the person managing your website will be able to do.