Collecting - How Customers Can Collect Loyalty Points

The loyalty program in Nōwn is your loyalty program; your loyal customers earning your points and redeeming points in your stores for the items they love. We believe loyalty is a feeling, built through excellent customer experiences. The points and rewards are a token of appreciation to these loyal customers you’ve earned through your excellent service. There are many ways that you can ensure your customer is collecting those points: 

1. When customers are using the app, they can check-in themselves when they arrive at the store. In order to do this, they will need to have downloaded the app and have their app open with their bluetooth and location settings turned on, this will cause their face to show up on the POS which a cashier can click on to begin a transaction.

2. When a customer is in the store, you can scan their mobile app QR code provided. You select the yellow square on the top right (shown below) and the customer can put their phone up to your scanner.

3. Before or during the transaction, you can ask the customer's name and add their information to the transaction. This would be only for existing customers. 

*New customer? Please see the end of this article for signing a new customer up for loyalty.

4. Email the receipt after the transaction is completed. Once the item has been paid for – Ask the customer if they would like to have their receipt emailed to them and to collect points. Once the new customer agrees to have their receipt emailed to them, have them provide their email address along with their first and last name. Click the “Email Receipt and Collect Points” button.

Finished a transaction but forget to collect loyalty? No problem, please see the following article on how to collect points after a transaction has been completed.

5. Give customers the option to opt into your loyalty program by entering their phone number on the interactive display that faces them. They can click "Collect Rewards" on the bottom right of the screen.

Your customer then enters their phone number. That's it!

There you have it! There are many ways customers can collect loyalty points. You want to make sure the are aware of the benefits of loyalty points and how to use the. Explaining the loyalty and gift card program to all of your employees can be a time consuming task, save time by forwarding them this training document: Loyalty and Gift Card Training.

6. Any time a customer places a mobile order or web order they collect loyalty points on every order.

New customer? There are 4 options for you to sign a customer up to your loyalty program for the first time:

1. Have them download the app and do a transaction with one of the app methods mentioned above.
2. Get a receipt emailed to them after their transaction.
3. Use the interactive customer display to input their phone number.
4. Add them to the customers tab outside of regular transactions.