Hardware Settings - Setting an Image in the Customer Display Screen

    The customer display screen would be the screen that faces a customer during a transaction.

    To add an image to the customer display please follow the instructions below

    • Select the Set Up icon on the left hand side menu bar
    • Select Customer Display Setup
    • Select + Add Image 
    • Upload an image and select which days of the week you want it to be displayed for. You can set more than one image so that you have a variety for different days of the week. Please select Upload. Once an image has been selected make sure you select Upload, at the bottom of the screen.
    • Note: the dimensions for the pictures that are uploaded to the customer display need to be 1366 x 768 px.

      To Remove an Image Please Follow the Instructions Below

    • The customer display images will be displayed in a slideshow manner. Wait for the particular image that you want to remove to appear, then click on the pencil icon beside the days of the week in the lower right hand corner of the image.

    • When the new module pops up, click Delete, in the lower right hand corner.

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