General - FAQ's for Enterprise Customers

Getting Started: Onboarding 

Q: How long does it take to get set up?

A: Best practices are to allocate at least 21 days for full set up of your account from a blank slate to launch. 

Q: What do I need to get set up at the company level?


  1. Order Hardware (if necessary)
  2. Configure Profile and Settings
  3. Create User Access
  4. Create Company Menu/Product List

Q: How much work is required for each location to go live and how long will it take? 

A: Once the root account has been set up, each location needs to: 

1. Add their employees

2. Configure general settings

3. Set up their hardware

Allocate a conservative 1 week to complete the aforementioned tasks. It is encouraged to launch multiple stores in parallel.

Q: Can I import my menu ?

A: Yes! We have an import tool within our product that allows you to import an existing menu using a CSV template.

Q: What do I need to do to use mobile ordering? 

A: If you are enabling mobile payments you will require an e-commerce ID. An e-commerce ID is different from your regular payment processing account because that account is for accepting payments through card present transactions at the terminal only.  E-commerce IDs process non card present transactions.

The ecommerce ID may be different for each of your locations if you want the money going into different accounts, or it may be the same if you want all the funds going to one account.

For more information:

Q: Can I delete transactions that I did while testing before I went live?

A: Unfortunately due to auditing purposes and security protocols we have strict policies on never deleting transactions so this would not be a request we would be able to service, even if they were test transactions. Nonetheless, all of our reports have time filters so if you simply set the start date to no earlier than when you actually go live, you won't see any of the test data.

The only way to remove a transaction is to void them, however, you can only void a transaction the same day you did them as long as your station was not closed.


Q: A feature I want is missing, do you do custom development work? 

A: In certain circumstances we are able to accommodate these requests. Please reach out to your sales representative with further insights and they will get back to you with a quote based on the scope of work.

Q: Do you support customer display?

A: Yes. We have two types of customer displays. The interactive customer display lets customers add their phone number on the customer display screen to collect and redeem points.

The standard customer display screen simply displays images of your choosing. 

The following hardware displays are options that you may use.

iPad as a secondary display

HP Engage Secondary Display

TouchSystems POS Secondary Display

Q: Can I transfer over my existing sales data?

A: Unfortunately you cannot transfer over sales data from another POS system at this point in time.

Q: Do you offer any integrations? 

A: Yes, we integrate with: 7Shifts, ADP, Shopify, Homebase, Marketman, Netsuite, and AliPay.

Q: Does your POS work offline?

A: Yes, however, keep in mind that if your internet is down you may only be able to accept cash. Other payment types may require the internet, depending on the hardware peripherals that you use.

Q: Can I do combos? 

A: Yes, you can do combos by creating an item and then have the various combo add ons be listed as modifiers 

Q: Do you have an inventory system? 

A: We have a basic inventory system that can simply keep track of the inventory count. You enter how much quantity you have for each item and it decreases every time a sale is made. You can set a notification so that you are alerted once the stock reaches a certain quantity. 


Q: What tablet can I use? 


iPad (Running at least iOS 11)

Microsoft Surface Pro

HP Engage Tablet

TouchSystems Windows Dual Facing Screen Solution

Q: Does your POS run on an android device?

A: Unfortunately at the moment our POS only runs on Apple and Windows products.

Q: What hardware do you support, can I use my existing hardware?


You may use your existing hardware if it aligns with our supported hardware list below. More information can be found here:


Tsp650  Ethernet or Bluetooth

Tsp100 Ethernet or Bluetooth

Tsp700 Ethernet or Bluetooth

Star Micronics MC - Print3Star Micronics MPOP (Printer Cash drawer Combo) 

All Printers with ESCPOS and Ethernet

Cash drawers:

Any electronic cash drawers with a printer kickport can be used.

Example: Star Micronics 37965590 Cash Drawer


Zebra Symbol ds9208 [formerly Motorola] 

Honeywell Genesis 7580G

Scanners must be 2D Scanner and be able to read PDF417

Scanners require the use of dongles if used with an iPad and any printer except mPOP & mC-Print 3


HP Engage Bundle
Printer: HP Engage One Serial USB Thermal Printer        

Scanner: HP Engage One 2D Barcode Scanner        

Stand & Tablet: HP Engage One AiO System        

Secondary Screen: HP Engage One 10.1” Touch Display

Touch Systems POS Bundle

TouchSystems: Dual Facing Screen, Printer, and cash drawer. 

Q: What credit card processors/terminals can I use?

A: The payment processors and terminals that we integrate with are below:

Global Payments

ICT 250

Desk 5000


ICT 250

First Data

Clover Flex Clover Mini 


Heartland (USA Only)


Q: What is the purpose of a scanner, I don’t have retail items why do I need it?

A: You will need the scanner if you use a Nōwn or white labeled app so that you can scan customer QR codes. Further, our gift card is also scanned via scanner so if you had gift cards you would need one as well. 


Q: Can I transfer over customers from my loyalty program?

A: If you have a CSV file of your data, specifically, names and email addresses. We can import this information into our system for you. 

Q: Can I transfer over the points balances of my existing customers?

A: There are three possible solutions for transferring balances, note that both are contingent on your ability to provide an email address and name for each customer.

  1. Wipe all balances, everyone starts with a blank slate.
  2. Import all points balances, however, they will be redeemed as per our algorithm. This could heavily skew the rewards that customers get so we recommend you proceed with extreme caution.
  3. Import all your point balances and apply a common divisor or multiplier to all of them so they are more applicable to our algorithm. For example: divide all of your customer point balances by 10.

Q: How does your loyalty points system work? 

A: Collecting points: 10 points earned for every $1 spent.

Redeeming points: 100 points for every $1 discount.

Discounts are applied automatically based on the points accumulated and the eligible purchase price.

Purchase up to $5.99 - Automatic discount up to 100%.

$6.00-$9.99 - up to 40%

$10.00-$19.99 - up to 30%

$20.00-$39.99 - up to 20%

$40.00-$79.99 - up to 10%

$80.00-$99.99 - up to 5%

Q: Is your point system customizable?

A: Unfortunately at this point in time you are required to use our algorithm. However, years of data have proven that our program increases both customer loyalty, retention, and basket size. You are in good hands!

Gift Cards

Q: Can you transfer existing gift card balances from another gift card program?

A: Yes! Just make sure you send us a list of the gift card numbers and balances. If you have the customer: first name, last name, and email this is an added bonus as then they can link this to their customer account in the Nōwn app. 

Q: Is Nōwn compatible with other gift card programs?

A: We are not compatible with other gift card programs. The only gift cards that we support are Nōwn Gift Cards, we can't integrate with third party gift card providers. In order to control the: quality, experience, and security aspect of the cards and information it needs to come from our product.

Q: I want to get gift cards, what do I do?

A: You design the front and we design the back. You may make modifications to the back. Once the back is approved we send the gift card numbers directly to the printer. We have a preferred printer we can connect you with but you are free to choose whoever you want as long as the criteria is met.

  • The back of the gift card must contain the following elements: the legal text, the "powered by nōwn" text in the bottom right hand corner, and the PDF 417 Barcode on the left hand side.
  • You are to substitute in the: name of your business, your email address, and your website. The addition of any text such as: this card may only be used in Canada, may be added by the printer after the legal text. We do not do any design ourselves and any additions such as this would be made by the printer.

You may add that the card was issued by you as well as any copyright information. You are the issuer of the card so you own the liability. You can also add anything to the legal text that you need, our wording is just a template that you can follow.

  • The barcode must be in PDF 417 format. No other format is accepted.

Once the design for the back of the card is completed, please send it to us for approval. Once the card is approved we will send the gift card numbers directly to the printer. Only the gift card numbers that we provide may be used on the gift cards. No other numbers may be used.

Q: Is the Barcode going to be the same as all the card numbers? 

A: This is an important question.  The Barcode must be PDF417 type.  Every card must have a unique barcode that is coded based on the unique gift card number for that card (which we provide).  The printer needs to have the appropriate software to take our file of unique gift card numbers and then use it to individually create a barcode for each card based on that number.  Please confirm your printer can meet this requirement.


Q: Who has access at each level of the organization?

A: Each company in Nōwn is set up as an organization. At the top of your organization, your root account, anyone that has access to this account can see all: reports, menus, employees, sales, settings etc for the entire organization. They are able to make any changes that they wish, they have the ultimate authority.

Beneath the root account there are regional accounts, regions are based on the country in which your accounts are located. Employees assigned to a regional account have the same authority as those in the root account, except this authority only extends to stores within that region.

Finally we have individual stores, at the individual stores managers and store admin users have their own logins which they are able to access with all of the aforementioned access. However, they are limited to only that location. Although managers are able to have their own log ins, it is not mandatory that you provide them with one. Cashiers have no log in access, they are only able to do transactions, they can’t see reports or make any changes to account settings or menus/product lists.


Q: When will I be charged?

A: Implementation fee will be charged upon signing while the monthly fee will be charged on the day that each location goes live.

Q: How does billing work?

A: If all of your stores are corporate then the corporation is charged for all locations on an automated monthly basis. 

However, if you have franchisees or non corporate locations we would need you to provide the information and payment details for each of them so that they can be set up to be billed for recurring monthly fees directly. Any other fees that may have been outlined in the contract will be billed to the contract holder unless otherwise specified.

Q: Is the direct integration of 3rd party food ordering services such as (UberEats, DoorDash, etc) included in the existing monthly costs or is it an extra fee?

A: The integration cost is free, but the monthly cost is payable by us to the aggregator partner.