Hardware Settings - How to Set Up a Customer Display Screen

There is both a customer display and interactive customer display. 

The interactive customer display lets customers add their phone number on the customer display screen to collect and redeem points.

The standard customer display screen simply displays images of your choosing. 

To set up either. All you need is a second iPad, on that iPad just log into nōwn and link it with the following instructions. 

  1. Log into Nōwn POS
  2. Click on the ODS tab found on the menu which is on the left hand side of the screen.
  3. Select the menu icon in the top right corner and select the type of customer display you want to launch. The interactive customer display allows customers to collect loyalty while the regular customer display just shows your images.

  4. Next you will be asked which POS station you want to link this display to. Ensure that you select the same station that you do transactions on otherwise it will not work.

  5. The next time you begin a transaction on the POS iPad your customer display screen will be linked. 

    ** Note: you need to be logged into the same login on both the customer display iPad and the POS iPad. Example, if you are logged in with teststorepos1 on the POS iPad, then the customer display iPad must also be logged in with teststorepos1.