Credit Card Terminal Set Up - Global Payments ICT250

**Please note that this is only for the terminal model ICT250. If you have the Desk 5000 please click here.

Step 1: Unbox and Set Up Plug in the Hardware

Make sure that the terminal is plugged into the power bar and ensure that an ethernet cable is running from your router into the credit card terminal box. Ensure that you plug the ethernet cable into the slot labeled “ETH” 

Once this is done, please call your payment processor (Moneris, Global Payments or Merrco) in order to set up merchant settings for you. This is only if you have a brand new out of the box terminal or you have switched payment processors. If you don't call them you won't be able to set up the machine, their assistance is necessary.

Step 2: Configure the Terminal Settings 

2A: Enable Semi-Integrated Application

In order for the terminal to communicate with the POS it needs to be in “Semi-Integrated”, otherwise nothing from the POS will be communicated over to the terminal.

Note: You will need your admin name and password for this step.

1. At the idle menu, press [.,#*] for the administrator menu

2. Input default admin name and admin password, and press Enter

3. Press F2 or 9 to highlight Misc.Option and press Enter

4. Press 1 for Semi-Integrated to enter the semi-integrated menu

5. Press 1 for Enable Semi-Integrated

6. Press F1 to select “On” to enable

7. Press 2 for Communication Type

8. Press 3 for Ethernet

9. On the port setup screen, enter 5555

10. Press 3 for Receipt Options

11. Press 1 for ECR

Default Admin Name – 1

Default Admin Password – 12345677F

2B: Configure Terminal IP Address

You will need to pull up the IP address of the terminal so that it can be linked to the POS system.

1. At the idle menu, press [.,#*] for the administrator menu

2. Input admin name and admin password, and press Enter

3. Press 3 for Setup Menu

4. Press 2 for Communications

5. Press 3 for Ethernet

6. Press 1 for Current Setup

7. Note down the IP address (similar to This IP address will be used later when configuring the Nōwn POS. If IP address is there is no ethernet connection which could be for one of three reasons:

1. Your ethernet cable is not connected properly to the terminal, ethernet port, or both.

2. Your ethernet cable is faulty, replacing the cable would solve the issue.

3. There is no internet coming from the ethernet port, in this case you would need to contact your internet service provider. 

Default Admin Name – 1

Default Admin Password – 12345677F

Step 3: Configure credit card terminal to station in Nōwn

1.Open the Nōwn POS app.

2. Log in with your credentials. Press skip tutorial, if applicable,  and go to the Setup section.

Note: if you do not see the Set Up tab it means you are logged in as a Station user. Please ensure you are using the admin account, this is the one whose account details you received when you signed up for Nōwn.

3. Tap on Set Up, go to Station Set Up.

4. Click on the pencil icon to edit POS stations.

Which station you link it to is very important. If you link a printer to POS 1 then you must log in as POS 1 when you use Nōwn, otherwise doing a transaction will trigger the wrong hardware. 

5. Scroll down to the bottom of the Edit Station menu and enter the information as follows: 

  • Card Terminal IP Address - you found the IP address in Step 2
  • Card Terminal Port - 5555
  • Card Terminal Type - Global Payments

Remember to save changes at the bottom of your page!