Set Up - Step 2: Setting up items on the menu

Setting up items on the menu

To create an item first decide if you would like this item to be under a category or a stand alone item. 

If the item is going to be under a category then simply select the category and select " Create An Item In This Category"

If the item is going to be a stand alone item then select " Create An Item" on the main products page. 

In the create item section we are able to insert the following. 

  • Name an item
  • Create a description for the item
  • Select a category 
  • Enter a tag
  • Enter a UPC code
  • Set the Price
  • Set the Tax

On the right of the page we can set an image and modifiers. Modifiers are add-ons or adjustments such as extra sugar, milk and even sizes! We touch on these parts 2A and 2B

To select an image for an item simply select the " Choose" option below. This image will show up in the mobile app and kiosk and we recommend a size of 800px x 800px. 

In the settings towards the lower half of the page we are able to do the following. 

  • Set an item as active or innactive
  • Select whether the item is eligible for mobile ordering
  • Track the stock of an item

In the advanced settings we are able to do the following. 

  • Enable an item to be purchased via points
  • Enable an item to be purchased with meal units
  • Enable an item to be purchased with meals as cash
  • Enable an order to be viewable for a mobile user
  • Enable an items price to be edited for both the item and modifier
  • Enable an item to be seen on the KDS
  • Enable an items modifier to be shown on the kitchen and customer receipt
  • Set an item to a specific printer

This step is simple once you understand all the features and the purposes of all the toggles on the add ons.

Pro tip: If you have a retail product that has a UPC code, you do not have to enter this on the number pad. You can simply connect your scanner and scan them into the system. If you do not yet have a scanner don’t worry, you can come back and do this after the fact.

If you have a product that comes in multiple sizes, sit tight, how to add sizes and add ons will be discussed in parts 2A and 2B respectively. If the product just has one size and no modifiers, then you’re done! Go ahead and add another item. Please see the example below.

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