Set Up - Step 2B: Add Ons and Price Modifiers

Add ons and price modifiers are simple once you get the hang of it. Please go through the example step by step guide below.

1. Create a new item or edit an existing item. Once in the Edit Item screen, click on “Add Modifier” and the Create Modifier window will pop up.

2. Then you will fill in the Modifier Name section with whatever the modifier is, in this case “Bean Modifications”.

3. You will then click on the Add Option button on the right hand side.

4. Simply name the various options and save as you go along! If the modifier is free then don’t add a price but you must add the option even if it’s free. Otherwise you wouldn’t be able to select it. Further, if it has a price, ensure that you set the appropriate tax rate so that the add on is not sold tax free.

Below are example of what it would look like, remember to keep in mind that if you want the customer to be able to select multiple options then you must enable the “Allow Multiple Selections” toggle.

This is what it would look like when a customer goes to buy this item.