Set Up - Step 2A: Setting Sizes for your Products

The way the size setup will work is that you will set the base price of the item to whatever the price of the smallest sized item is. 

In terms of the size pricing, you will set it up so that whatever size you select becomes the price of the item.  

Example: A Medium Coffee is $2, when you select this size the total price becomes $2.

You may then think, why not just set my base price to $0? This option works but it doesn't work well when you are using the mobile app as the customers just see a bunch of $0 priced items.

  • Once in the Products tab, look at the right hand side of the screen and Create a New Item, or click on an existing item to edit it 
  • Click on Add Modifier and the Create Modifier window pops up.
  • Once this happens you will write “Sizes” in the Modifier Name section.
  • You will then click on the “Add Option” button on the right hand side (you must always “add options” when creating modifiers otherwise you won’t be able to select them). Each option would be named after a particular size (ex: small, medium, large).

Note: Please remember to scroll all the way down so that you can see all the  offered options.

- Make sure the “Replace Item Price”  and “Require a selection” toggles are switched on. This toggle is found to the left of the screen.

- Once this done simply input the size (Ex: small, medium, large) under option name and then set the total price of that sized item under option price.

- Always make sure to press “Save Option” and “Save Modifier”.The picture below shows how this would look.