Managers Crash Course

As a manager you will have a unique set of access and permissions. The managers crash course will guide you through the unique set of abilities managers will be available to use and provide you with an oversight of everything you will need while managing your staff and day to day activities within the POS.

You will be able to - 

  • Add and deactivate employees
  • Set roles for employees
  • Adjust employee hours
  • View an expansive set of reports
  • Add and remove discounts
  • Refund and Void transactions

Please note that selecting the " Enhanced Security Settings" will require a managers pin for operations such as Refunds, Voids, Payout, Opening Cash Drawer, Closing Station and Cancelling Transactions. This will also enable the Loss Prevention Report.

In order to turn on the " Enhanced Security Settings" please go to "Settings - "Station set up" and toggle "Enhanced Security Features". 

Setting up a new employee or deactivating an employee.

The access tab will be where you set up all the access and permissions for your employee, add employees to the POS, and create log ins for the app. It is highly recommended to make sure everyone who will be using the POS system is documented here for the purposes of reports and security.


Admin / Manager 

  • Add and deactivate employees
  • Set roles for employees
  • Adjust employee hours
  • View an expansive set of reports
  • Add and remove discounts
  • Refund and Void transactions


  • Process orders
  • Process discounts (If applicable) 
  • Void transactions (If applicable) 
  • View the daily overview report 
  • Process the end of shift report

How it works?

Log in for Transactions

In terms of log ins, the best way to go about this is to create a Station log in for the account that does transactions. This will be the account that you use to log into the Nōwn POS app itself on each of your tablets at your store. You would set it up just like a regular employee, with the only difference being that you select the role as Station, and you would just always stay logged in at all times. The first and last name that you put can just be your store name, however, be conscious of what you put here because it will show up on your receipts.

Admin, owner, and Manager Accounts

Owner/admin and manager accounts should be used for business purposes in the back office or by the owner or operator of the establishment offsite, it is not recommended that you use this as the POS login that is used at your location.

Cashier Accounts

The cashiers would be added and they will not be logging into the POS. They will just use their PINs to clock in and clock out on the app that is already logged into using the store log in. Managers will also use their PINs to navigate the POS while on shift. 


The login username and password is to access the Nōwn POS  app,while PINs are what employees and managers will use inside of the app to track hours and their activity. 

Adding Employees: Click on the "Create New" button in the top right hand corner and then be sure to:

  • Set their role
  • Include first and last name
  • Set their hourly wage (this is for the labour report)
  • Generate a PIN

It is important that you set permissions because as a manager/owner you should have different permission from the cashiers such as allowing you to: see more extensive reports, see the activity on the ODS screen, adjust the menu, apply certain discounts, view customer profiles, and do account set up.

Make sure you generate a pin for each employee. If an employee forgets their pin they won’t be able to log into the POS, clock into their shift, or use important functions. Remind them to keep this PIN safe and not to share. 

Note: if you get an error message during this step it means that you didn’t input one of the required fields.

Adjust Cashiers Hours

  • To edit an employees hours after a shift is completed click on the Set Up gear on the left side of the screen and then select Timecards.

  • Then click on the shift you want to edit. Click on the start or end time and then a number pad will pop up allowing you to make the required changes. Any breaks taken take will clearly be shown Clock In/Clock out column beside each employee and this time will be excluded from the total hours worked. Example: a shift is from 1:00pm - 5:00pm and an employee took a 30 minute break, the total hours worked will be shown as 3 hours and 30 minutes.
  • The breaks will also be visible when you click on an individual employee

Note: Always make sure you save your changes! Please note that only managers and owners have the power to make these changes.

Reports Specific To Managers.

Cashiers will only be able to see two reports, "End of Shift Report" and the " Overview Report". For a full list of reports available to management please see our report guide here.

How To Create A Discount

  • Go in to “Settings”  > “Discount Setup”

  • Click “Create New”

  • Name your discount
  • Set a percentage for that discount
  • You can then write in the “Description” section to let you know your Cashiers when to apply the discount and which items it applies for.

6. If you want to limit access to this discount - toggle on “Pincode Required” and select the roles you’d like to allow access to this discount

Refund An Item

  • Go to the receipt tab on the left hand side.

  • Once in this view you will see a list of all transactions, simply select the one you want to refund (or search it via transaction ID. Note: You can also filter by date).
  • Once you find your desired transaction, select all the items you want refunded and follow the steps on the screen to process the request!

Menu Support Documents

For a full list of every support document for menus and products can be found here.

Mobile Order Set-Up

In order to set-up and use the Mobile Order feature please review the documents here.

Customer Display

In order to set-up and use the a customer display please follow the steps here.