How to Create an Open Priced Item

An open priced item would be an item that can have it's price edited at the basket stage of the transaction on the POS. One scenario where this may be used would be a bakery reduces the prices of certain items later in the day to get the product sold. Making the product 'open priced' would be the most efficient way to do this. 

Creating an Open Priced Item

1. Create an item. For a complete guide on how to create an item please follow: Set Up - Step 2: Setting up items on the menu

2. Once you are on the Edit Item page, scroll down to Advanced Settings and ensure the "Edit Item Price" toggle is on. 

Editing the Price at Transaction Stage

  1. Select the item that has 'Item Price Editable' enabled. You will know if it has been enabled from the transaction screen as the price will have a box around it that you can click on.

2. Click on the existing price once to bring up the first window and again to actually edit the price

Note: Make sure you hit the 'Done' button and then 'Save' otherwise the price will not change. 

3. When you hit save on the first window the new price will now show in the Customer's basket

Alternative Solution

Another way to have an open priced item would be to allow a miscellaneous item to be created. This creates it's own button in the POS that when pressed the Cashier can select a price and it will show in the basket as 'Misc'

Enabling Miscellaneous Item

1. Go to 'Setup' - 'General Info' - 'Show Misc Item?' and toggle this on.

Using the Miscellaneous Item Button

1. From the main POS screen after you have identified a loyal Customer or started a Guest transaction click on the 9 dots button that is on the top left of the menu

2. This brings up the price selection box where you can input the required price and then press done. 

3. The miscellaneous item will then show in the Customer's basket: