Menu V2 - Troubleshooting

Here are some common troubleshoots when you are working with menu V2:

  1. Make sure you are even using menu V2! You can ensure that the location you are using has menu V2 enabled by checking that the end of the URL says ‘products3’ Or in its full context:
  2. If editing the root menu - make sure the item you are editing goes into a category so that it pushes to back end and therefore shows on the third party integrations such as Deliverect, mobile app etc. 
  3. If you do a hard refresh after editing an item (clicking the refresh button next to the website url) then the page will go back to the default menu regardless of what menu you were editing. Make sure you re-select the correct menu if you are then doing further edits. 
  4. If you have multiple menus (such as a breakfast menu or seasonal) and the wrong menu is showing on the app - unassign all menus for that store, save and then go back into it and assign just the relevant one.