Credit Card Terminal - The terminal says approved but POS says cancelled, what do I do!?

With all POS systems there is a certain edge case that happens if, at the exact moment that the credit card transaction is happening, the connection between the terminal and the POS drops, then the transaction will show as approved on the terminal but declined or cancelled on the POS. In order to get by this we have a simple work around that helps you log the transaction properly even if the terminal and POS don't communicate.

Please note this is only if you have a situation like this from time to time, if it's consistently happening please see the following guide. 

Before we begin please make sure you set up another tender called Credit Card (Manual) or something along those lines.

  • If the terminal says approved and the POS doesn't accept the transaction you will see something like the screen below. Select Close
  • Next select Other Tender this will allow us to access the new tender we had previously created.
  • Select your new tender, whatever you may have named it, and complete the transaction.
  • All transactions under this label will show up in your Sales Report under Other Tenders so it will be appropriately logged!