Day to Day - Adding New Tenders to the POS

How to accept payments via Ritual or Uber Eats? Easy, just go ahead and add a new tender using the instructions below. 

In the setup section of the app you need to go to “Station Setup”
  • You would then scroll down and make sure that enable “Other Payment Options” toggle is switched to on.
  • Under “Define other tenders” make sure you write down the names of the tenders you want to add, ex: Ritual.
  • Now that you have defined other tenders, when a customer goes to pay for an item, you can select “Other” as a method of payment. You will then have the option to select any of the tenders you created. This is important for accounting purposes. This is a good way to keep a track of an inclining cash balance tab that a certain customer is running. Example: you’re able to see that Jen ran up a tab of $103 over the past month.