Hardware - Full List of Supported Hardware

If you already have hardware and want to see if it is compatible, please see our full hardware list below.


All Printers with ESCPOS and Ethernet are compatible. The below are the recommended printers and provide the best results.

  • Star MicronicsTsp650  Ethernet or Bluetooth 
  • Star MicronicsTsp100 Ethernet or Bluetooth 
  • Star Micronics Tsp700 Ethernet or Bluetooth 
  • Star Micronics MC - Print3 
  • Star Micronics MPOP (Printer Cash drawer Combo)  

Label Printers:

It is very important to note that we only support non sectional paper for label printers. This means you must use sticky back thermal paper that does not have sections that you peel off, but rather it needs to be a solid roll of sticky paper that the printer itself cuts.

  • Star Micronics TSP 700
  • Epson TM-L90 
  • TSp654SK

Please see some examples here.

Cash drawers:

Any electronic cash drawers with a printer kickport can be used. 

Example: Star Micronics 37965590 Cash Drawer 


Any Scanner will work as long as it is USB and meets the following parameters: Must be 2D Scanner and be able to read PDF417. Scanners require the use of dongles if used with an iPad and any printer except mPOP & mC-Print 3. A dongle is also not required if using a Windows Bundle. 

  • Zebra Symbol ds9208 [formerly Motorola]  
  • Honeywell Genesis 7580G 

Credit Card Terminals:

  1. Global Payments
    • ICT 250
    • Desk 5000
  2. Moneris 
    • ICT 250
    • Move 5000
  3. First Data
    • Clover Flex 
    • Clover Mini 
    • iPP320
  4. Heartland (USA Only)
    • iPP350 


  1. HP Engage Bundle
    • Printer: HP Engage One Serial USB Thermal Printer        
    • Scanner: HP Engage One 2D Barcode Scanner         
    • Stand & Tablet: HP Engage One AiO System         
    • Secondary Screen: HP Engage One 10.1” Touch Display 
  2. Touch Systems POS Bundle
    • TouchSystems: Dual Facing Screen, Printer, and cash drawer.