Ethernet Printer Configuration - Full Step by Step Hardware Install Guide

Please see the file below for full step by step instructions. Make sure you are also following the launch timeline in order to make sure your Nōwn set up is as smooth as possible!


Below we’ll review how to install your hardware and link it to the POS. Linking the two together is the most crucial part -  so make sure you follow every detail! Please note: this is for the configuration which involves an ethernet printer in conjunction with: an iPad, credit card terminal, QR scanner, and electronic cash drawer.

Now that you have all the essential hardware ready, it’s time to set up! Follow the simple steps to set up your hardware but before we get there, make sure you have these essential items.

What You’ll Need

  • iPad with power adapter and USB dongle
  • Ethernet Printer  
  • QR scanner
  • A card terminal
  • Electronic cash drawer

Please see the file below for full step by step instructions.