Troubleshooting - Offline Mode

Even without a functional network connection, Nōwn’s POS software is still able to function for general transactions, although with greatly reduced functionality. It’s still possible to process transactions, receipts and stickers will still be printed for new transactions, and orders will still be sent to OCS/KDS units on the same local network, however all other features will be unavailable until the internet connection is restored.

You will also notice a new icon on the top left corner of the screen to indicate the POS has lost internet connection and switched to offline mode.

WARNING: Do not log off of the POS until the internet connection is restored, you will not be able to log back in while offline!

Once an offline transaction is made, there will be an icon/counter on the right-centre area of the screen showing how many offline transactions were made. Once the POS is reconnected to the internet, the offline transactions will be added to the receipts tab for tracking purposes, just like a regular transaction.

Note: there is currently a bug which will keep showing the offline transactions counter until the page is refreshed, even after the internet connection is restored. This will be fixed in a future update.

A few minutes after restoring your internet connection, any offline transactions made will be added to the back-end systems and are visible in the receipts tab:

Note: There is currently a bug where all transactions made while in offline mode will share the same order number. This will be addressed in a future update as well.