Sales Reports - What is "Remaining Balance"?!

You may have come across instances where your "Overview" reports and "Sales Report" didn't match up for a particular time period. Most of the time, this can be attributed to the "Remaining Balance" shown on the Sales Report, but what does it mean exactly, and how do you go about remedying it?

Found under "Reconciliation" in the Sales Report

The Remaining Balance field shows you a sum of the dollar amount for transactions where cashiers did not collect (or at least did not report that they collected) the total amount owing for a specific transaction. Most of the time, this is a simple clerical error (not voiding split tender transactions that were not fully paid for) or an issue with an offline transaction not having registered correctly, however it can cause problems for you when it comes time to audit your reports.

Message shown when trying to back out of split tender transactions

Transactions with remaining/uncollected balances can be distinguished by the exclamation mark icon next to them in the "Recent Transactions" on the Nown POS home page, as well as in the "Receipts" menu shown as highlighted red with a red exclamation mark icon next to them.

How Remaining Balance Transactions Appear on home page

How Remaining Balance Transactions Appear on Receipt History

In order to correct this, the transactions with remaining balances would need to be voided, or in the case of the cause being an offline transaction registration error, the transaction would need to be posted/registered successfully.