Menu V2 - Service Mode Selector (Dine-in/Take-Out) On POS

This article outlines the process on enabling and using the service mode selector for Dine-in and Take out orders)

1). What is a service mode selector?
With this feature enabled you are able to select whether an order your are entering on the POS is a Dine-In, Take-Out, or Delivery order. 
this selection will show up on your POS as well as the corresponding receipt for this order. This allows you to stay organized and on-top of your orders by clearly labelling the 
customer fulfillment method for that order. 

2. How do I enable this feature?
Please reach out to your customer success representative in order to enable this feature within you POS 

3. Once enabled how do I use? 
Once your customer success representative confirms they have enabled this feature, you should see it working the next time you log into your POS. You will see 3 options for Service mode appearing above the "add discount" field on your transaction page. To use simply take an order as you normally would and select the appropriate service mode you wish use for that order. Cash out the order as usual and your receipt will reflect the service mode you selected.