MEV / SRM Box and Nown

A Sales Recording Module (SRM), or French abbreviation MEV, is a module that captures all receipts and records certain financial information which you then need to download and send to Revenue Quebec.

An SRM/MEV is a requirement for any food establishment that operates in Quebec. It is not required for retail.

It captures: 

  • Tax amounts
  • Sub-total
  • Total

Important Integration Points:

  • The SRM/MEV fits between the POS and the printer
  • Integration between the POS and SRM/MEV is done over network (has to be a wired ethernet connection) 
  • Integration between SRM/MEV and printer is via serial support (recommended)
  • Only one SRM/MEV per POS and printer, a 1:1:1 ratio
  • Critical: Nown integration only supports transaction receipts through the printer attached to the SRM/MEV. All other printer functions (kitchen receipts or labels) must be assigned to another printer
  • The printer connected directly to the SRM/MEV will always override other printers if it has been set as a receipt printer unless you are in by-pass mode. 
  • By-Pass Mode: If setting up or testing POS functionalities where you do not want transactions to record, you are able to enable by-pass mode. To do this simply go to the 'Bypass SRM' button in the list of options accessed from the main POS screen. 
  •  Note: If you run a real transaction in By-pass mode you will be responsible for reporting the information to revenue Quebec

The recommended setup is to have one separate printer to print kitchen receipts and labels from and assign all POS' to that secondary printer. For example: 3x POS, 3x SRM/MEV, 3x printers attached to SRM/MEV and then a separate printer assigned to all secondary receipts/labels. 

The SRM/MEV is supposed to be installed by certified installers.

To downloaded data, simply connect a device via SRM/MEV.

Important: Please contact Nown if you do not see the ability to add a SRM/MEV in the station setup settings and we would be happy to toggle this on for you.