Put it to the test!

Once you’re all set up, be sure to run some test transactions and play around the app so that you’re familiar with the product. It’s much better to learn before your POS is live rather than getting stuck when you’re running your business! Exactly what you want to test is completely up to you, the goal is to become as familiar with the POS as possible and to come away from the testing with complete comfort as to how to operate the system. 

We highly recommend doing the following tests in order to give you piece of mind ahead of launch:
  • Confirm that your printer is printing receipts
  • Confirm that the cash drawer opens
  • Confirm that you are able to complete a credit transaction
  • Confirm that you are able to void a transaction
  • Confirm that you are able to refund a transaction
  • Confirm that you are able to place and complete a mobile order (if applicable, please note that you should do this with a $0 item as you cannot refund a mobile order).
  • Confirm that your scanner works (if applicable)
  • Confirm that you are able to scan a gift card and pay with it (if applicable)
  • Confirm that your face shows up on the POS when you: open the Nōwn App, have bluetooth, and location services turned on. (if applicable)
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