Customer Portal & Setting Up a Welcome Offer

The Customer Portal helps you know your customers better and offer them exciting rewards for signing up!

To navigate to the Customer Portal go to Customers on the left side of the screen. 

On the first tab, called Customer List, will see all of your customers:

You can click on a customer and will find:

1. Contact details

2. Purchase history

3. Additional internal notes added by staff members

4. Loyalty card information

On the second tab, Grow, you can see those who have recently signed up in the top section. Near the bottom left, you can see Welcome Offer. Welcome Offers are for customers have who have signed up for the app, placed their first online order, or have signed up at your POS.

Once in the Welcome Offer section:

1. You can Enable your welcome offer at the top of the section

2. Set up the Offer Schedule for when you would like this to be live

3. Set up an Offer Value of how many points you would like them to receive

4. Set the Offer Appearance. Modify it so that it speaks to your customers.

There you have it!