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What is Deliverect? 

Any QSR business these days can attest to the fact that their counter top is absolutely COVERED with tablets from all their different delivery apps. It is confusing, cluttery, and quite frankly a mess to deal with! Deliverect amalgamates all of these accounts so that you don't need any extra printers or tablets, all orders will go directly into our POS.

For more information please see the following video

Getting started

Ready to get started and signed up with Deliverect? Please make sure to reach out to us at and we will put you in touch with them in order to get started with the onboarding process. 

If you already have a Deliverect account you still need to reach out to us so that we can adjust the account configuration in order for the integration to work with Nōwn. 

Connecting your account

After your account is set up in Deliverect and you have gone through the onboarding process, it's time to connect it to Nōwn. 
Log into each location that you want to link to deliverect and go through the following instructions:

  • Click on the Set Up Tab found on the menu bar found on the left hand corner of the screen.
  • Next select, Integrations, which is near the bottom of the new list that would have come up.

  • Scroll down until you find the Deliverect Integration field. The first field that says "Deliverect Account" will be prepopulated. All you will need to do is select which Deliverect location you want it linked to. Select the relevant location from the drop down, make sure to press save, and that's it!

Changing your menu

In Nōwn you are sending one menu to Deliverect with one price, the specific configurations for the different delivery systems are all done through Deliverect. The work you are doing in Nōwn is just sending over a "master list" if you will. 

In order to set up a menu please see the instructions in the following video. This explains how to set up a menu in nōwn, the good news is that there is no separate mobile/web order menu, in order to set menu items for mobile ordering all you have to do is turn on a toggle!

  • Select the Set Up icon on the left hand side menu bar. Then select Products.
  • Click on any item to edit it, when the new module comes up, turn on the toggle that says "Mobile Order" in order for the item to show up in the app. 
  • Once you turn this toggle on you will be asked to input your preparation and total time. The preparation time tells you how long the item is prepped for while the total time is the total actual time it will take you for to complete the order from the moment it is accepted. This setting is important because this will be communicated to the customer when they place an order. For example: if your total time is set to 8 minutes the customer will be told their order will be ready 8 minutes after it is accepted.
  • If you wish to have a different price on POS vs the delivery apps, make sure you add a price in the Third Party App Price field. It is in the same place as the options listed above! 

Accepting Orders

Orders are handled the same as any other mobile order, so if auto accept is turned on for your account account, they’ll be auto accepted. If it is not, then you will have to accept the orders yourself (ex. below of manually accepting orders):

An order looks like a regular mobile order but like any mobile order it shows the logo of the app at the top of the popup so that will change depending on which app the order came from (ex. Uber):

That's it! Here's to Delivery management being easier!

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