Credit Card Terminal - Clover Cloud Set Up

These instructions are if you are using a First Data terminal with an iPad.

Step 1: Unbox and Set Up Plug in the Hardware

  • Take the plastic off of the Clover terminal
  • Plug the charger into the dock, plug the charger into the power outlet (preferably a power bar, one power slot is required)
  • Insert printing paper into the Clover. Do this by popping open the back, take the paper out of the black wrapper, remove the tape from the roll of paper. Insert it as per the instructions on the inside of the Clover. 
  • Put the Clover on the dock
  • Turn on the Clover by Pressing and holding the button on the right hand side
  • Follow the on screen instructions in order to set up the device. Please note you will need the activation codes from your payment processor, without the activation codes you cannot complete the set up.

Step 2: Download the Cloud Pay app on the Clover terminal 

Please follow the steps below to download the app: 

  • Once on the home screen of the Clover, Click on the More Tools app, if you have a Clover Mini the app may be called App Marketplace
  • Note: you must be logged in to the Clover with admin permissions to be able to install the app from the app market. If you don't see the "App Market"  or "More tools" app, it's because you are logged in as a user without sufficient permissions.

  • Once the app is open, in the search bar type in “Cloud Pay Display”
  • Download the app and when it's downloaded make sure to Open it. Once it is open you will be in "transaction mode". When in transaction mode you should see a black screen with your company's: name, branding, or logo. If you do not do this you are not in transaction mode and will not be able to do transactions. 

To make the Cloud Pay App as accessible as possible, move it to the bottom of the screen so that it is one of the three large icons shown on the home page. This will help with future troubleshooting.

  • Please press and hold the Cloud Pay app on the menu screen.
  • Move the Cloud Pay App to first icon in the list, click “Done” once you have changed the location of the icon. To move the icon simply hold and drag the item. 

Step 3: Configure Clover to station in Nōwn

1. Log into Nōwn POS on your laptop or desktop. Note: You must access Nōwn at for these steps to work (not the app.) If you are trying to link Clover Cloud at a campus location use:

2. Log in with your credentials, go to the Setup section.

Note: if you do not see the Set Up tab it means you are logged in as a Station user. Please ensure you are using the admin account, this is the one whose account details you received when you signed up for Nōwn.

3. Tap on Set Up, go to Station Set Up.

4. Click on the pencil icon to edit POS stations.

Which station you link it to is very important. If you link a credit card terminal to POS 1 then you must log in as POS 1 when you use Nōwn, otherwise doing a transaction will trigger the wrong hardware. 

5. Scroll down to the bottom of the Edit Station menu and select. "Clover Cloud" under the Card Terminal Type settings. 

Remember to save all changes at the bottom of the page.

6. Once you select that, there will be a button that says "Connect to Clover" press this button. Press Okay on the following prompt.

7. You will then be prompted to log into Clover on their website. Accept all permissions to connect to Nōwn in Semi Integrated and follow all on screen instructions.

8. Once you finish all of these you will be brought back into Nōwn. Close the laptop browser and proceed to log into Nōwn on your tablet using the nōwn POS app.

9. Go to the Setup section. Go to Station Set Up. Click on the pencil icon to edit POS station that you were previously editing. Scroll down to the bottom and under Card Terminal Type, select the terminal type that you just linked. There will likely only be one option on this list.

Note: if you do not see the Set Up tab it means you are logged in as a Station user. Please ensure you are using the admin account, this is the one whose account details you received when you signed up for Nōwn.

Step 4. Clover Setting Optimizations

In order to optimize your experience with the Clover there are a couple of settings that we strongly recommend that you set in order to process transactions at maximum speeds.

Please note both of these changes need to be done through your Clover Dashboard. For details on how to access this please contact First Data.

1. Turn off Receipt prompts on the Clover terminals (done through the Clover dashboard)
  • Go to Payment Receipts
  • Check off the “automatically print receipts” box
  • Check off the “Skip receipt screen” box
  • Make sure the “allow customers to opt in” box is not checked off
2. Turn off signature prompts on the Clover (done through the Clover dashboard)
  • Go to Setup
  • Click Payments
  • Check off the “Don’t require signature if transaction is under” box. Set the value at the end of that sentence to 0.01 (1 cent)