How To Set Up Digital Giftcards

Give the perfect gift to your friend or family member with Nōwns Digital Gift Cards!

In order for customers to purchase and use Digital Gift Cards there are several steps you must take to activate this setting in Nōwn.

First log into Nōwn and navigate to the Gift Card section under Set Up and toggle the Gift Card Option On.

Below you will see an option to upload customized card designs of your choosing. To upload a card design select Edit

Select Add a Card Design and upload the picture you would like to use. The recommended size is 1146 x 723 in JPG or PNG format.

Nōwn Gift Cards allow you to set minimum and maximum limits on the size of purchases your customers can make. To set the limits select Edit.

Here we can set the Minimum and Maximum limit and set the Suggested Amounts in both CAD and USD.

Providing discounts and promotions is a great way to increase product adoption and customer experience. Nōwn Digital Gift Cards allows you to offer the sale of Digital Gift Cards at a discounted price. 

Select Edit

Enter the from and to amounts of gift cards you would like discounted and enter the discount percentage. Once done select Save in the top right corner of the section.

Customers can personalize the message that the recipient will receive but can also choose from a set of pre written messages. 

To create a personalized message for your customers select Edit

Add the personalized message and select Add. Once done select Save in the top right corner.