FAQs - How to Require a Mobile App Customer or Cashier to Select an Option?

Whether customers are ordering your items on the mobile app or cashiers are working through an order on the POS, it is very common that there are options that you want to be mandatory for the cashier or user to go through. This may be something such as the size of their drink or the toppings for their meal. If you set these fields as optional they can easily be missed and it could caused an inconvenience in the workflow. 

The good news is that this can be configured at the switch of a toggle!

  • If you are creating a new item first click on the Products tab on the left hand menu bar.
  • Once in that screen, click on the Create an Item button found in the right hand corner, or click on an existing item to edit it.
  • Once you are within an item click on an existing Modifier, if you have already created one, or click on Add Modifiers if you have yet to make any. This can be found in the right hand corner of the screen.

  • Look at the list of toggles on the left hand side of the screen. Turn on the toggle for Required Selection. This will ensure that customers on the mobile app or cashiers cannot complete a transaction until they make a selection for this modifier.

  • Don't forget to Save your changes at the bottom of the page when you are done!