How To Tell If I Have Poor Internet Connection

Sometimes the strength of the wifi signal can play havoc with your POS, as a cloud based POS it is very important that you have a strong and stable internet connection. It is important to note that we support offline mode and can work well in that environment but the internet must be either strong or off completely, if it's ON but really slow there could be issues. 

To understand if you have a poor internet connection you may be seeing some of the following issues. 

  • Trouble connecting to printers
  • Trouble opening cash drawer
  • Trouble processing credit payments
  • POS operating slowly
  • Mobile orders not coming in
  • Unable to check in mobile app users
  • Unable to scan gift cards
  • Low Connectivity Notice on the Nōwn App.
  • Slow print response, printouts are taking a substantial amount of time from either or both Kitchen and Receipt Printers.
  • Reprints are not working.
  • Low internet bars on your Mobile, Tablet or Laptop by the POS or Printers.

A WiFi extender or a upgraded router is a great way to increase or boost the signal of your WiFi and can be found at most electronics stores or by speaking to your internet service provider. 

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