Set Up - Creating Mobile Order Only Modifiers

Many organizations have different pricing, products and ways of adding items to orders when it comes to mobile ordering vs in-house ordering. 

For example: In store you might let customers choose their toppings through a window but may not punch it into the POS while you will need to know these options ahead of time with mobile ordering.

If you want to set up a different selection to mobile orders please use the following steps. 

  • Create, or Select & Edit an item in your products tab. 
  • Add or select a modifier and turn on the "Mobile Order" toggle. 
  • If you would like an item to only available on mobile then toggle "Mobile Order" and turn off the toggle for " POS Enabled"

  • If you only want items to show up on the POS and not mobile then toggle "POS Enabled" and turn off the toggle for " Mobile Order"