Timecards ⏲️

The Timecards function is a great place to see your employees clock-in, clock-out, and break activities! Select a date range to begin, or search for a specific employee by name.

Note: Editing timecards is possible only if you are logged in with a manager or higher access (including owner accounts).

Editing Employee Hours

After a shift has been completed, you are able to edit and correct variations in the hours worked or how much break an employee has taken.

Setup > Timecards

Locate the employee timecard in question

  • Begin by selecting a date range and location
  • Enter employee name to further narrow down your search
  • Click on the shift you wish to edit

  • Make the required changes in the Timecard edit window
  • Once you make your changes be sure to click Save Timecard

Export Timecards as csv

This is a great way to dive in an conduct an audit


Can we create a time card after the fact?

Currently, our software does not support this functionality