How To - Mobile Ordering FAQs

How to Refund Mobile Orders?

It's not possible to refund a mobile order through Nōwn at the moment. In order to do the refund you would need to access your e-commerce payment portal, find the transaction there, and then manually refund it through the system. The particulars of each payment platform vary so you may be required to reach out to their support team for additional instructions if you are unsure of how to action this.  

When is a customer charged for a mobile order?

When a customer places a mobile order a preauthorization is created on their credit card to ensure they have adequate funds but they are not yet charged. As a result, if a customer cancels their order but still claims to see a charge this is because they are looking at the preauthorization. This falls off in a couple of days depending on the bank.

When the order is accepted by the merchant the customer is then charged.

What happens if you are offline?

If your POS is offline you won't be able to see any mobile orders come in until you are back online, however, if you are offline for a very long time the mobile order will eventually time out and autocancel, or a customer may cancel it out of frustration. 

What happens if a mobile order is placed outside of the hours of operation?

If a customer tries to place an order outside of the hours of operation set in the POS, the app will not allow them to continue with the order. As a result, they will never be able to place an order under those conditions.

What happens when you place an order when the station is closed?

If a customer places an order inside the hours of operation set inside the POS the order will go through, regardless on whether or not the station has been opened. You will still be able to accept the order while the station is closed but you won't be able to view the order after you have accepted it. As a result, it is vital that the staff are aware that they have a responsibility to have the station open during the hours of operation so that they can accept mobile orders.