Hardware Settings - Setting Up a KDS Screen

A KDS is a kitchen display shows that all the orders on a screen in the kitchen. They are easier to track than paper tickets, they improve communication, and result in quicker service.

1. To enable the KDS feature please go to the Set Up page and then click on General Info, next you will scroll to the bottom and make sure the Enable KDS toggle is switched to ON. 

2. You will also want to make sure you set all items you want to show up on the KDS as KDS enabled. To do this look at the left hand corner of the screen and click on "Products". Click on the item in question and scroll down, you'll see an Advanced Settings button, just click on it to expand it. 

3. Lastly you will need to create a KDS log in. An ODS log allows you to log into the app and only see the ODS screen without the distraction of other buttons on the screen. To create an ODS log in it would be much the same way as creating an employee but you'd be using different permission settings. 

Step 1: Go to the Set Up tab then hit, Access Set Up.

Step 2: Select "Create New" and under permissions make sure you scroll down and select KDS.

Step 3: Fill in the required fields. Please make sure you include an email as a link that allows you to create a password for this account will be sent to you. Please click on that link in order to create a password. 

Step 4: With the device that will be used for the ODS screen, log into the Nōwn POS with the credentials that you created.