Employees - Enhanced Security

PIN code access is an enhanced security feature that controls the degree of access that cashiers have in contrast to managers. They also track various key actions performed by employees and log these actions in the loss prevention report so that managers are able to monitor employee behaviour and reduce shrinkage. It also ensures that no critical tasks are done without a manager’s approval. 

PINs are required by the POS for the following actions, unless otherwise specified, each action only requires a cashier PIN:

  • Opening the Set Up Page Manager PIN required
  • Opening the Products page Manager PIN required
  • Cancelling the first item in a transaction or discarding the entire transaction 
  • Clocking In/ Clocking out / Taking a break
  • Closing the station
  • Opening the cash drawer
  • Adding a Discount to a transaction (if the discount requires a PIN). Can be configured to be actionable by cashier or manager PINS. 
  • Refunds
  • Void Transactions
  • Logging out (if toggle is turn on) Manager PIN required

How to turn it on?

  • Enhanced security can be turned on by going to:
  • Set Up
  • Station Set Up
  • Turn on the Toggle that says "Enhanced Security Features".

Note: Do not turn on enhanced security unless you know your PIN, otherwise you will be locked out.